Media Systems is a custom home integrator bringing together audio, video, lighting, climate, communication, video surveillance and energy management.  For more than 30 years, we have led the way in high end residential automation systems.  In
new construction we help architects and designers understand the constantly evolving world of AV and IT integration.  We help homeowners imagine how technology can make their homes more enjoyable and manageable.  We are also able to bring custom automation into older homes through wireless products without having to redesign the space.  Since the 1980’s, we have been building the most exciting home theater rooms in the country.  Take a leap into the home of the future with AV and IT solutions that fit every need.  Hide your equipment away in a closet leaving nothing but a TV and remote in the living room.  Control every system in your home from your iPad, laptop, or handheld remote control.  Store your movie collection on a server and view it on any TV in the home.  Press one button at night by your bedside to put your entire home to sleep.  The future is now. 

High End Residential Systems Integration